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Inkedibles is a high quality manufacturer of edible ink (food ink), edible paper (such as frosting sheets, icing sheets, wafer sheets and more), as well as a variety of other edible printing, edible painting, edible packaging and edible decoration supplies. We provide unique tools and equipment for the baking industry; cake, cupcake & cookie decoration industry; candy making & decoration industry; chocolate making & chocolate transfer / design industry; as well as edible labeling & packaging industries. Inkedibles is a trusted supplier to professional cake decorators, as well as to beginners and small businesses that are looking to expand their product line and value by using customized edible printing and decor on their products, labeling and packaging. We offer both retail and institutional sales and consulting services. We work closely with our commercial customers to provide customized options for their businesses to expand with our products (such as solutions for printing directly onto food (for both food decoration and edible labeling requirements). This includes specialized offerings for niche markets such as consumable pharmaceutical labeling, medical & surgical labeling as well as produce & dairy labeling markets. At Inkedibles, we hold our brand to the highest standard and have taken years to test and develop our line of products before releasing them to market. We believe we have the best quality product on the market, at very competitive pricing, and we stand behind our products 100%.

If you are thinking about ways to increase your business and improve your products with customized edible printing and decorations, or if you just want to create beautiful and unique edible creations for family and friends, you will not be disappointed by trying our products and learning more about the innovative ways you can design and make unlimited unique edible creations with InkEdibles® and YummyArt® products and services. We look forward to welcoming you into our family of valued regular customers and friends. We invite you to give Inkedibles® a try and let us earn your repeat business.

InkEdibles caters to bakeries, baking enthusiasts, as well as to other individuals and businesses that use our products in their cake decorating activities. As a manufacturer, we also offer private label production and reseller / distributor opportunities within the United States and abroad.

If you are a large franchise or retail chain, a cake supplies distributor, or are interested in distribution of our products for a specific region or country, please contact us at distributors@inkedibles.com.

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