2 in 1 Design: Premium Hand Sanitizer Pen Pack (Dual Purpose - regular pen on one end, refillable sanitizer spray on the other) - contains 4 pens


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Dual Purpose: Hand Sanitizer Spray + Pen.

This is a regular ball point pen (on the one end), and hand sanitizer spray (on the other end). Convenient, 2 in 1!

The Ballpoint pen end is comfortable, has a soft grip for everyday writing, and reliably vivid ink to brighten up your notes. Convenient retractable design.

The hand sanitizer spray end, is refillable, and keeps your hand sanitizer where you need it most - in the palm of your hand! Comes empty, and is refillable with any hand sanitizer (liquid sanitizer is preferred over gel).

This travel size hand sanitizer pen fits perfectly in your purse, pocket and car. Killing germs on the go is a must!