Custom Printed Drink Toppers - 12 circles, 2.5 in


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We will print YOUR photo or image, 100% edible, 100% custom! These Custom Printed Drink Toppers are made of our thinnest frosting sheets, which blend into your cocktail or drink for a truly stylish look! Recommended to be placed onto cocktails or drinks that have a layer of foam at the top. Each drink topper is customized with your photo, logo, or artwork.

These custom printed drink edible image are gluten free, soy free and trans-fat free, and have virtually no taste other than a little sweetness, thereby not changing the flavor or taste of your cocktail!

Each item includes a total of 12, 2.5 inch circles edible drink toppers.

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These are custom food items and as such there may be some slight variance in final sizes and print colors, and should not be compared to non-edible items. The print quality is also affected by the quality and resolution of the image you provide. Images with dark backgrounds are also at risk of poor print quality.

Custom print orders require 1-3 business days processing time, in addition to the shipping time. If faster processing is needed, please call us for a faster expedited processing service at an additional cost.


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