INKEDIBLES IE-9002 Magnetic Chocolate Mold 11 inch X 5 inch yields 24 squares 1 inch bundled with the unprinted chocolate transfer sheets


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Item #: 530-021-01

This is a premium Inkedibles magnetic chocolate mold (11 inch x 5 inch) which yields 24 beautifully designed 1 inch square signature chocolates or pralines. This professional quality, 2 piece Magnetic Mold is constructed of food safe, clear, rigid polycarbonate. Detailed sharp corners produce professional chocolates. This is a 2pc mold which easily snaps apart and comes back together through the embedded magnets. Easy to use: simply separate the 2 pcs of the mold (top from bottom), insert a chocolate transfer sheet, close the mold and pour in your melted chocolate. Once the chocolate cools, you have your beautifully shaped (and custom designed) chocolates. You can choose from pre-designed chocolate transfer sheets, or for a truly custom and unique design, print your own to our unprinted chocolate transfer sheets! Our Inkedibles printer bundle and inks can print directly to the chocolate transfer sheet (just feed it through the printer like a regular piece of paper). Print your company logo, your child's photo, or anything you want and surprise your customers or guests with custom chocolates - made by you! ALSO INCLUDES 50 sheets precut printable chocolate transfer sheets cut to size to perfectly fit this mold!

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