InkEdibles Edible Ink Cartridge for Canon CLI-251 (Deep Magenta)


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Item #: 500-043-01DeepMagent

This item includes Inkedibles premium Deep Magenta edible ink cartridge - ready to print! InkEdibles Deep Magenta is a richer, deeper version of our standard magenta. This deep magenta, used in place of the standard magenta cartridge, will give a deeper magenta base to blend with the black, cyan, and yellow creating a slightly different version of most shades of red and every color in the rainbow. For best results, clean your printheads well before and after use as deep magenta edible ink has richer pigments which can cause more blockage in your printer if not properly maintained. This item contains one edible ink cartridge (filled with Inkedibles premium edible ink) for use with Canon printers dedicated for edible printing. This item includes one edible ink cartridge for Canon CLI-251 deep magenta. Inkedibles premium brand edible inks FDA compliant, and the best quality inks for your cake and edible ink requirements, producing beautiful prints for cake decorators and bakeries alike, with stunning definition and colors. IMPORTANT: do not use regular inks with printers that you are using for edible ink printing. Inkedibles edible inks are FDA compliant. DO NOT use a printer that has previously been used with regular ink, for edible ink printing. You can contaminate the edible ink. Be careful not to order a regular ink cartridge for use with edible printing! InkEdibles products are intended for cake decoration.

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