InkEdibles University Workshop (full cost is applied towards your first order)


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Welcome to the InkEdibles University Workshop! This 3 hour workshop will teach you everything you need to know about how to get started with edible ink printing, including edible ink printing to edible paper (frosting sheets, wafer sheets etc) and Direct to Food printing such as direct to cookies, macarons and more. You will receive hands on training on the following machines and technologies:

  1. Basic Edible Ink Printers (with hands on training on a Canon or Epson edible ink printer, to edible paper types including frosting sheets and wafer sheets)
  2. Direct to Food Edible Ink Printers (with hands on training on a CakePro edible ink printer, to cookies and other food items)
  3. Differences between Basic and Direct to Food&trade Edible Ink Printers and consumables

We limit these workshops to maximum 5 people, so there is ample focus and attention on every individual that attends.

What you can expect to gain out of this workshop:

  1. Get to better understand edible ink printers and how to use them, so that you can be more informed before buying one, or even if you have one, so that you can make better use out of it
  2. Tips and tricks that we have mastered over many years of experience to get the most optimal quality prints and longevity out of your equipment
  3. Get to handle and experience a variety of printer types, and edible paper types, that you wouldn't be able to do anywhere else as we have everything under one roof
  4. Ideas on what sells and how to sell it, to improve your business

The cost to attend is applied as a 100% credit towards any purchase of equipment and/or supplies, no minimum purchase necessary. Once you purchase this training item we will reach out to coordinate a time/schedule that works for you.