InkEdibles Unprinted MagicSheets (for Chocolate, Cookie, Meringue and Isomalt) Transfer Sheets (Ready for Print) - Includes 16 MagicSheets


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This item includes Inkedibles Unprinted MagicSheets in a convenient pack of 16 sheets. This pack includes Magicsheets (unprinted), so you can print your own designs using an Inkedibles edible ink printer. Simply feed these sheets into your edible ink printer (same as you would feed ordinary paper into the printer), and you will be printing to the laminated side of the transfer sheet. Then get your image on your PC ready for print, and change the print settings so that you print the mirror image to the transfer sheet with your edible inks. Now that you have your image printed to the transfer sheet, you are ready to have the image transferred to chocolate by either: (1) Inserting the transfer sheet into a chocolate transfer mold (in the case that you are making special pre-molded chocolate shapes), or (2) Simply pour melted chocolate over the transfer sheet, wait for it to cool, and then peel the chocolate off (in the case that you are not making any special pre-molded chocolate shapes).

This sheet will work for CHOCOLATE, MERINGUE, COOKIES, or ISOMALT, and is capable of being baked with in the oven. Best results are on smooth surfaces like chocolate, isomalt and meringue. Detailed instructions included. Easy to use.

This pack includes 16 sheets of 8.5 x 11 sized Unprinted MagicSheets.

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