Inkedibles CakePro850 direct-to-cake printer


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Item #: IE-CAKEPRO850

The IE-CakePro850 is an A3 format (330x480mm) edible ink printer which can print directly onto confectionary products with a maximum thickness of 18cm such as chocolate, cakes, sugar pastry, biscuits and much more. Its versatility, speed and high performance make the IE-CakePro850 one of a kind.

  • Printable Area: 33cm x 48cm
  • Max media Height: 18cm
  • Printable media: Cakes, biscuits, chocolate, confetti, cookies, macarons, marshmallows, etc (any edible products) and to any edible surface (chocolate, marzipan, sugar paste, fondant, cream, powdered sugar, etc).
  • Edible Ink Supply System: This printer does not use edible ink cartridges, it uses a proprietary continuous ink delivery system, with external ink tanks feeding edible ink. The ink tanks (edible ink containers) hold 100ml of edible ink, edible ink is sold separately.

Built on demand - please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

12 month Warranty: The printer is guaranteed by Inkedibles to be free from any manufacturing material fault. Warranty does not extend for issues resulting from incorrect use of the products (printing procedure, usage of non-Inkedibles inks, or other issues resulting from misuse or negligence). The purchaser must use the equipment according to the instructions in the user manual. Any damage or defect pertaining to the machine needs to be communicated to Inkedibles within 8 days of delivery of the product. Inkedibles offers a 12 month standard guarantee which pertains to replacement of faulty materials during the first twelve months from the date of purchase of the machine (except for damage caused or other that does not depend on manufacturing defects). Consumable parts are excluded from the warranty, such as: print heads, cartridges, inks, dampers, pumping system (such consumable parts are available as spare parts if needed, with repair service available at $149 per incident).

  • A3+ Printer for both Heavy and Light products
  • Prints Directly onto Any Flat Substrate - Fats less than 30%
  • Utilizes the latest generation of optical sensor for height variation automatically to avoid hitting the food substrate
  • Maximum Height is 14 cm
  • Print Area 33cm x 48cm
  • Printing Technology Piezoelectric Ink Jet system
  • Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi max
  • Dot 3pl
  • Printing Time 4.44 minutes at normal speed
  • Printable Media Wafer, Cakes, Biscuits and more foods
  • Continuous Ink System Allowing Thousands of Prints before Ink tanks need refilling


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