Inkedibles Design-Your-Own Cupcake Wrappables Activity Set: 2 Dozen Precut Cupcake Baking Cup Liners (plus 1 free)


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This activity set includes 25 Cupcake Wrappables (5 sheets with 5 wrappables per sheet). You can custom decorate the Wrappables using the YummyArt edible markers (included). Once decorated, simply peel off your Wrappables and use them to line your cupcakes after you have baked them. You could also choose to put the decorated wrappables inside your cupcake pans before you bake (insert the decorated wrappables, then pour your cupcake batter into the pans, and then bake. If you plan on baking your cupcakes with the wrappables already in the baking pan, make sure you don't overfill with cupcake batter because too much batter can cause the wrappables to crack. Applying the decorated wrappables after baking will decrease the chance of cracking significantly, so that is the recommended method). When you're done, you have custom lined cupcakes with your own designs, and the entire cupcake including the wrappable is now edible!

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