Inkedibles IE-CakePro2000XL (Direct to Food Edible Printer)


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Item #: CAKEPRO-2000XL

Cakepro2000XL Features:

  • Large Format Printer for both Heavy and Light products (1mm thickness up to 200mm)
  • Weight 190kgs
  • Prints Directly onto Any Flat Substrate - Fats less than 30%
  • Intelligent Ink carriage lifting
  • Manual height adjustment with infrared sensor
  • Print precision and Print speeds available in the 6/10 passes
  • 720x1800dpi for 6 Pass printing speed of 8.85feet/hour
  • 720x3000dpi for 10 Pass printing speed of 14.76feet/hour
  • PC compliant - Windows
  • Print Area 600mm x 900mm / 23.62inches x 35.43inches
  • 4 channel CMYK


  • Printer Size 4280mm x 2080mm x 1470mm
  • Ethernet Port
  • Weight: 190kgs
  • Printing Technology: Piezoelectric Ink Jet system
  • Power AC 110 or 220 V, 50/60 Hz with Voltage Stabilizer of 5KW
  • Continuous Ink System Allowing Thousands of Prints before Ink tanks need refilling.