Inkedibles Premium CheeseSheets: 5 pack 8.5x11 (Parmesan Cheese Flavor Edible Paper)


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Inkedibles Premium CheeseSheets: 5 pack 8.5x11 ; (Parmesan Cheese Flavor ;Edible Paper). We are excited to introduce a new addition to the InkEdibles® family of products. InkEdibles Premium CheeseSheets; Parmesan Cheese Flavor Edible Paper. This is our new line of flavored edible paper which can be used with all of the same applications as our Premium and Artisan Frosting Sheets, but our CheeseSheets are intended for use with savory foods such as pizza, pasta, lasagnas and casseroles, on top of real cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, sliced meats, breads, crackers, and any other food that you would like a parmesan cheese flavor edible label, message or picture on! They can be applied directly to hot cooked food, cold food, and even baked with some foods. The printed colors stay clear and bright. They are produced with no known allergens and are gluten free, soy free, trans-fat free with no peanut products added. These flavored sheets are not intended as a substitute for cheese, but rather as mildly flavored printable edible paper to put a message or label onto other food. Have fun, be creative and see what savory edible messages you can create with InkEdibles Cheese Sheets.

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