Inkedibles Printhead Cleaning Syringe (for Brother Printheads)


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Item #: 515-028-01

This suction syringe is for use on Brother inkjet printheads, removable or not. It works on the Brother LC51 / LC61 / LC65 / LC71 / LC75 / LC79 / LC101 / LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridge based printers.

Included: suction syringe (with nozzle specific for the Brother inlet ports on Brother printheads), instructions (printhead not included, used in the attached image for functional illustration purposes only) What else is needed: cotton swab, paper towel.


Open your printer, remove the ink cartridges and seal them using the original orange clips; or if you don't have the orange clips any more you can temporarily store the cartridges in a sealed plastic bag.

On the printhead (inside your printer), you will notice 4 inlets for the ink (this is where the cartridges plus into). One at a time, attach the suction tool to the printhead inlets by gently twisting in place over each inlet, and then suction out any ink/clogs by pulling on the plunger. Clean out the syringe/plunger between colors.

Now you can reinsert your cartridges and get back to printing.

(illustrated instructions are included with purchase)

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