Inkedibles Printhead Flush System (for all Epson Printheads)


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Item #: 515-017-01

This Flush system is for use on any Epson printheads, removable or not.

Included: flush system, 120ml cleaning fluid, soaking jar, cleaning cloth, tweezers, gloves

What else is needed: cotton swab, paper towel.

Instructions: ;

Open your printer, remove the ink cartridges and seal them using the original orange clips; or if you don't have the orange clips any more you can temporarily store the cartridges in a sealed plastic bag.

Signal to the printer that you want to change the ink cartridges, so the printhead carriage moves to an accessible position. Now insert a paper towel beneath the printhead (this will absorb the cleaning fluid that you will be flushing through the printheads).

On the printhead, you will notice 3 or 4 smaller nozzle contact spots. There is also a larger nozzle contact spot. Using a cotton swab or soft cloth, apply a small amount of cleaning solution to each contact spot and let soak for 3 minutes. This will help dissolve any superficial clogs.

Then, one at a time, attach the flush tool to the nozzle contact spots by gently twisting in place over the contact spot, and flush with the cleaning fluid through the nozzles. The paper towel below the printhead will absorb the cleaning liquid.

Now you can reinsert your cartridges and get back to printing.

(illustrated instructions are included with purchase)

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