Inkedibles Printhead PowerCleaning Flush System (for removable Canon printheads)


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Item #: 515-015-01

This PowerCleaning Flush system is for use on any Canon printheads that are removable (such as for Canon ip3600 and Canon MG5320). Will not work on Canon ip7220 or other Canon printers in which the printheads are not removable (for these printers, use our manual printhead flush systems dedicated for all Canon, or for all Epson).

Included: power flush system, cleaning fluid, soaking jar, cleaning cloth, tweezers, gloves

What else is needed: Water faucet with standard threaded nozzle, cotton swab, paper towel.


Open your printer, remove the ink cartridges and seal them using the original orange clips; or if you don't have the orange clips any more you can temporarily store the cartridges in a sealed plastic bag.

Remove the printhead (the box like portion) by first raising the bar which holds the printhead in place then gently lifting the printhead up and forward. To the right is what a typical printhead looks like (yours may be slightly different depending on printer model).

Place the printhead on a paper towel or soft cloth and gently remove the round black seals (indicated by the red arrows in the picture) at each cartridge nozzle contact spot with the tweezers.

Place the seals in the jar filled half way with cleaning solution to soak in order to remove any ink residue.

(illustrated instructions included with purchase)

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