Inkjet Refill Injector Upgrade Kit (3 Pack Refill Syringes)


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Item #: 145-110-01

Refilling of INKEDIBLES brand edible ink cartridges is easy to do. Inkedibles cartridges have a premade refill port (hole), so filling the cartridges is as simple as:

1) Remove the sealing plug from the refill port

2) Fill with edible ink (using the syringe included in this pack)

3) Reseal the refill port with the sealing plug or a new sealing plug

Inkedibles brand edible ink cartridges also come with auto-resettable chips, which means they can be refilled over and over and the printer will keep recognizing them as full. However, most edible ink cartridges should be refilled 2-3 times at most before replacing them with a new Inkedibles edible ink cartridge, because quality can deteriorate over time as the cartridge wears out and becomes less efficient at dispensing the edible ink.

Note: The syringe refill tip included with this syringe pack is blunt (not sharp), for safety reasons, and should be used only as intended to refill the Inkedibles edible ink cartridges.

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