Keep It Cool - Insulated Cold Packaging - to protect against high temperatures


Regular: C$8.19
Save: 42%


Add this item to your order if you are ordering any heat sensitive items. Highly recommended for shipping chocolate transfer sheets, as the cocoa butter on the sheets can melt with exposure to heats. This item includes 1 ice pack to be included with your order and adequate insulation for orders up to $50. We recommend adding 1 Keep It Cool packaging for every $50 of product that you are ordering. For example, if you're ordering less than $50 worth of heat-sensitive product, add 1 of this Keep It Cool packaging to your order. If you're ordering between $50 and $100 worth of heat-sensitive product, add 2 of this Keep It Cool packaging to your order.

We also recommend selecting an expedited shipping method (such as 2 day or 3 day delivery) when ordering any heat sensitive items to minimize the risk of melting in hot temperatures, especially during the summer months.

These packs are durable, reusable long lasting gel packs manufactured with a specific high viscosity gel formulation. These packs ;can be used ambient, hot, refrigerated or frozen to protect your product in a variety of situations and temperatures. They have the ability to ;absorb the moisture, heat and cold created during transits and to ensures that products arrive in the condition they were meant to be.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), and we offer 2 shipping methods to Canada including economy and priority shipping.